Good Candidates for Ultherapy


Preferred qualities for Ultherapy candidates include:

  • Men or women with medium to moderate skin laxity
  • People who want an effective and natural non-surgical facelift option
  • People looking to lift their faces, remove sleep wrinkles or treat crepey skin on the chest or breast area
  • People who have had plastic surgery and want to stimulate collagen production

To ensure success with Ultherapy we provide a free consultation prior to scheduling treatment.

What to Expect & Results with an Ultherapy Treatment


To ensure maximum comfort during the treatment, we provide clients with Ibuprofen and topical numbing crème. On the targeted area, lines are drawn to frame where the treatment will occur. Within the defined area, heat, which feels like tiny pinpoints, is then delivered. Some say it feels like a typewriter keys depositing tiny amounts of energy under the skin. This sensation is only felt during the treatment. There is no pain felt afterward.


You will start to see results in about 3 months! Over this time, the collagen that your body was naturally stimulated to produce is lifting and tightening the skin.  

The Difference between a Non-Surgical Facelift & a Surgical Facelift


A surgical facelift is expensive, has substantial risks and side effects, and involves weeks, if not months, of downtime. Ultherapy, on the other hand, is substantially more cost-effective, has almost no risks or sides effects and zero downtime. Further, while a facelift can have more dramatic results, it can only physically pull back your skin. It is also 100% artificial. Ultherapy is a treatment that works to stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen. Also, while Ultherapy can be performed every two years, surgical facelifts cannot be repeatedly performed.

Why Denver Laser Solutions for Ultherapy


With 200+ successful clients and over 130+ positive reviews, the creators of Ultherapy technology consider Denver Laser Solutions an Ultra Provider. Our three-layer treatment, steady and precise technique is what sets us apart from other clinics and is one of the many reasons men and women in Denver are turning to us for natural and non-invasive eyebrow lifts, turkey neck issues and necklines.

Frequently Asked Questions for Ultherapy

What is Ultherapy and how does it work?

Ultherapy is a non-surgical device using focused ultrasound to produce hundreds of tiny thermal injuries in the supportive structural tissues under the skin. These thermal injuries cause the body’s natural healing response to lay down new collagen and elastin proteins causing the skin to firm, tighten, and lift.

How is Ultherapy different from other non-surgical skin tightening treatments?

Ultherapy is non-surgical and unlike other non-surgical technologies, Ultherapy is the only FDA cleared device proven to lift sagging skin. Where other technologies claim to tighten the skin, a physical lift is not always visual.


Other non-surgical technologies use either infrared light or radio frequency to bulk heat the skin from the top down. With no exact idea of how warm the skin is getting or how far down the heat is going, these skin tightening treatments are a hit-or-miss approach. Ultherapy, on the other hand, uses two ultrasound waves that meet each other at a predetermined depth under the skin with precision heat. The additional assurance of visual ultrasound imaging allows us, the technicians, to see the tissues being affected and ensures the energy is deposited where it is most effective.

How is Denver Laser Solutions Ultherapy treatment different from other clinics?

We have been performing Ultherapy treatments for over 6 years in the Downtown Denver area, and with all that expertise we have learned more effective techniques on how to perform the treatment, we better understand where the collagen rich areas are in the face and neck by having a skilled eye for reading an ultrasound image, we have also, learned how to customize treatments and pricing to target specific areas of concern such as the jowls or just under the chin.  For this reason we have altered the way we perform our Ultherapy treatment which sets us apart from other clinics.   

What areas can I treat with Ultherapy?

Ultherapy was cleared by the FDA in 2009 to lift skin on the neck, under the chin, and above the brow. Since then, Ultherapy has been additionally cleared for treatments on the décolleté to minimize lines and wrinkles. As studies continue on other body areas, new FDA clearances may arise in the future.

Am I a good candidate for Ultherapy?

While everyone can benefit from treatment, Ultherapy is best for people with mild to moderate skin laxity. Although it is not a replacement for surgery, Ultherapy is a great alternative for people who would like some lifting and firming without the downtime and cost of surgery. At Denver Laser Solutions, we highly recommend coming in for a complimentary consultation to discuss realistic expectations and outcomes for your specific concerns.

How many treatments will I need?

For our Downtown Denver skin-care clientele who are ideal candidates for skin tightening one treatment is all that is required. Depending upon how well your skin responds and how well you like the effects, a second treatment approximately 9 months later is a great way to heighten the effects. Maintenance for there is at your discretion. At DLS all subsequent treatments in the same area are discounted at 20%.

Will treatment hurt?

As we say in the skincare industry “beauty is pain!” To effectively stimulate the collagen-building process, heat from focused ultrasound needs to cause denaturation of the collagen under the skin. Ultherapy is not the most pleasant treatment however it is very tolerable when 800 mg of ibuprofen is taken one hour prior.

Do results come quickly? How long do they last?

Initial inflammation in the skin causes a temporary improvement. However like any other wound, your body needs time to heal. This healing process can take three to six months. During this time, the collagen remodeling process will lift and tighten your skin.Results may last up to three years. As our bodies continue to age, we recommend every couple of years to maintain the benefit.

Do I need to take time off of work or plan any downtime with my Ultherapy treatment?

Although Ultherapy is designed as a non-surgical procedure a wound is still being created in the tissues under the skin. Whenever there is a wound in the body, side effects may be visual. Although a lot of variables come into play as to how well the body is able to repair itself, the most common side effect we see with our Denver facelift clients is bruising. To prepare our clients here at Denver Laser Solutions, we recommend planning this treatment at least four weeks in advance of any special occasions or events for which you want to look your best.

What to expect after treatment?

There may be a slight redness and swelling for up to an hour or so following the treatment. As mentioned prior bruising may occur the following day and can linger for up to two weeks. Tingling and tenderness to the touch are mild and temporary in nature, and are side effects of causing a wound under the skin.


Over the next two to three months, skin lifting on the brow, neck and under the chin is expected. Further improvements can even appear up to nine months following your Ultherapy treatment. When treating the décolleté, smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles of the chest may be noticeable within 90 days. Improvement can also be seen at 180 days post treatment.

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