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CoolSculpting fat-freezing is a non-surgical body contouring treatment that uses controlled cooling to naturally eliminate stubborn fat from areas resistant to diet and exercise.

Treatment Areas

CoolSculpting technology is designed to kill fat in the areas most resistant to diet and exercise such as under the jawline, under the chin, the upper arms, back fat, bra fat, the flank area (love handles), abdomen, thighs, and under the buttocks (banana roll)..

This advanced technology has applicators specific to different trouble spots on the body to ensure maximum fat-reducing effectiveness.

FDA cleared for 9 areas of the body


Love handles, flanks, abdomen

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    Oh, those stubborn love handles and that extra abdomen fat! No matter how much diet and exercise you do the fat seems content staying exactly as is. Thankfully we have CoolSculpting, the only FDA approved a fat freezing treatment that can naturally get rid of the fat causing love handles, while flattening your belly, accentuating your abs and giving women that hourglass shape – all without special diet or exercise.


The banana roll

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    You probably did not even know a banana roll could or did exist – until you looked in the mirror one day and seemed to have an extra layer of skin, underneath where your bum would typically end. Thankfully, CoolSculpting not only can make this extra and unwanted bulge go away, but there is a specific tool, the Cool Advantage, and Cool Advantage Plus Applicator, that was specifically designed to make it go away – ASAP.


Bra fat

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    All the sudden the skin under your bra just started popping out. How did that happen? Good news is CoolSculpting can not only get rid of it, but the specifically designed Cool Advantage and Cool Advantage Plus Applicators can do it in a safe, non-invasive manner. This process safely and naturally kills the fat cells immediately below the surface of your skin. The dead fat cells are processed through your lymph system leaving your bra area without the bulge and in its place – the contour and shape you want.



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    At some point, the skin above the knee inexplicably starts to sag. But, it doesn’t have to stay this way! With CoolSculpting’s Cool Advantage Petite Applicator, you can freeze the sag and fat away, leaving you with the sculpted and contoured legs you want – and deserve. The fat that can be removed is the fat area above the knee – the upper knee or distal thigh.


Chin and neck

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    Get ready to never see your double chin again with our most popular non-invasive double chin removing procedure! CoolSculpting is the #1 treatment we use to get rid of extra skin on the chin and neck. One of the reasons CoolSculpting is so effective in eliminating double chins is because there is a tool, the Cool Advantage Petite, specifically designed for doing just that!


Upper arms

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    Many of us did not think about how age would impact our arms until of course – we started noticing the skin getting looser and floppier. Now with CoolSculpting, and the special CoolSculpting Advantage Petite applicator specifically made for this problem area, that loose arm skin and fat can be naturally frozen away – restoring your arms back to the contour you remember and love.


The banana roll

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    Want an inner thigh gap and to get rid of that uncomfortable feeling of your thighs rubbing together? The Cool Advantage and Cool Advantage Plus Applicator were designed to do just that! Each CoolSculpting session is non-invasive and safe, naturally reducing the fat in the inner thigh area by 20%.

Outer Thighs

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    Denver CoolSculpting clients love what the Cool Smooth Applicator can do to get rid of their “saddlebags”, the fat bulging from the outer thigh. Because this area is not quite as “pinchable” as other areas the Cool Smooth Applicator leverages three cool panels with no suction to achieve amazing results and an even more pleasant and comfortable treatment. Get rid of the excess fat and give your legs an overall better contour.

back fat

Back Fat

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Why Choose DLS For Your CoolSculpting?

There are so many reasons to pick Denver Laser Solutions for CoolSculpting, but here are just a few!


We’re CoolSculpting Certified & a Crystal Level Partner


In 5 years, we’ve done over 3000+ treatments – plus our entire staff has been treated and we all LOVE the results


We’re CoolSculpting Certified & a Crystal Level Partner

Budget Friendly

We’re CoolSculpting Certified & a Crystal Level Partner

Unique Experience

DLS offers the best treatment packaging in Denver with The DLS CoolClub! When you purchase 12 or more applicator placements you automatically receive a 30% package discount plus 30% off additional CoolSculpting treatments,10% off Juvederm dermal fillers and $12/unit Botox for up to one year!

Learn About the Science of Coolsculpting

Bundle & Save

3 applicator placements
6 applicator placements
12 applicator placements
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Coolsculpting Process

how the coolsculpting process works

Know this – CoolSculpting is both a fine art and a precise science. The art of CoolSculpting starts with understanding how to contour every client’s unique body to enhance their natural curvature. To gain optimal results is critical to work with the right CoolSculpting professional who understands both the art and science.

If you find someone who only understands the art of curvature, but not the science, the results could be your body appearing lumpy. Or if you work with someone who only understands the science, but not the art, and you might miss having the perfect appearance and curvature you want – and deserve.

What Happens During CoolSculpting Consultation

  • Discuss areas of concern

    We’ll first talk about why you’ve scheduled a CoolSculpting consultation, your body contouring goals and expectations for using CoolSculpting.

  • Discuss the CoolSculpting procedure.

    We will explain to you the science behind the CooSculpting technology. How fat responds to cold, what you can expect during and after a treatment and showing you our before and after photos to give you an idea of expectations.

  • Decide if you are a candidate

    We will do a thorough review of your medical history and CoolSculpting contraindications to determine if you a a candidate for CoolSculpting

  • Review side effects

    We will review with you all potential side effects and adverse events so you can make an informed decision on if CoolSculpting is right for you.

  • Develop your personalized treatment plan

    We will ask you to change into disposable garments to allow the technician to do a full assessment of your treatment area.

    At this time we will pinch and pull to determine the areas of treatable subcutaneous fat and the size, placement, and number of applicators required to contour the area properly.

    Based on the amount of treatable tissue and your contouring goals additional sessions of treatment may be required to achieve the desired result.

  • Outline final treatment cost

    Based on your treatment plan we will review costs and discuss possible bundling of treatments to save.

  • Schedule your treatment!

    Based on your treatment plan we will review costs and discuss possible bundling of treatments to save.

    • The number of treatments required for your contouring session will determine the treatment time.
    • Plan accordingly average sessions range from 1-3 hours
    • Wear loose comfortable clothes and bring a book, headphones or other entertainment to enjoy during your treatment.
    • You could be a little sore the day after.
    • Although there is no downtime associated with CoolSculpting, it is best not to plan a big event immediately after your treatment.

What To Expect During The CoolSculpting Treatment

Pre Treatment
  • Review your questions and concerns.
  • Photograph 360 degrees of the treatment area.
  • Document your weight
    Assess and mark the full treatment area
Getting Started
  • You will be positioned appropriately on the treatment table for applicator placement based on the treatment area.
  • A pre-treatment wipe and gel pad prepares and protects the skin.
  • CoolSculpting applicator is strategically placed on the specific fat bulge, vacuum presser is turned on.
During Treatment
  • The vacuum pressure will cause a sensation of pulling, tugging and pinching.
  • As the cooling begins you may feel intense cold, stinging, tinging, aching and cramping.
  • These sensations are normal and generally subside within 5-10 minutes of treatment as the area becomes numb.
  • Once numb and you’ll be comfortable and able to relax.
Post Treatment
  • Each applicator vacuums and cools the specific fat bulge for 35 minutes.
  • Post treatment a manual two minute massage is preformed.
  • This massage breaks up the ice crystals that formed on the fat cell and increases the efficacy of the treatment by 60%!
Side Effects
  • CoolSculpting is a “lunchtime treatment” meaning, there is no downtime associated with it.
  • However, for the first few days and weeks following the procedure you may experience:
  • redness
  • tenderness
  • bruising
  • swelling
  • aching
  • cramping
  • itching
  • skin tenderness
  • numbness
Follow up
  • Results are typically seen within one to three months.
  • Schedule a follow up phone call 48 hours post treatment.
  • Schedule a follow-up visit six to ten weeks post treatment.
  • Take and review before and after photos
  • Analyze results and discuss further treatment plan.
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Are You a Candidate?

CoolSculpting is effective for both men and women who fit the ideal criteria. To ensure our Denver CoolSculpting clients have the best results, during the initial consultation we want to make sure you are a good candidate for the treatment.

Qualities of a Good CoolSculpting Candidate:

  • Active and fit, but has fat areas of the body diet and exercise will not fix
  • Looking for additional support in having their body shaped and the natural curvature beautifully restored
  • Considering liposuction or liposculpture, but wants a treatment that is less invasive, costly, risky and downtime
  • Has pinchable fat between the chin and knees
  • Needs a highly trained clinician who understands the art of body contouring, while being fluent in the intricacies and science of CoolSculpting technology
  • Wants to feel more confident in their own skin and better about themselves

coolsculpting IS NOT FOR YOU IF:

Using To Lose Weight

CoolSculpting is a treatment that helps shape the body, but it will not assist you in losing weight.

Have A BMI Of 30+

If this is you, our in-house health professionals can help you lose weight and get to a BMI where CoolSculpting can be successful for you.

Coolsculpting FOR WOMEN & MEN

for women, coolsculpting helps:

  • Remove bra fat
  • Shape the hips
  • Eliminate back fat
  • Slim the thighs
  • Shape a small waist
  • Gives a flat stomach
  • Give an inner thigh gap
  • Provides a natural feminine curve
  • Accentuate abdominal muscles
  • Help get pre-pregnancy bodies back
  • Sculpt out curves you want
  • Remove the curves you don’t

men trust coolsculpting for:

  • Sculpt the chest
  • Shape a slender waist
  • Accentuate the pecs
  • Create the “V” aka a highly defined abdominal muscle
  • Create the appearance of wide, broad shoulders
  • Sculpt the abs

CoolSculpting Fat Freezing For Men

Men use CoolSculpting to create the V shaped abdominal/torso muscles, build and accentuate wide, broad shoulders, shape a slender waist, sculpt the chest and the abs (i.e. the external oblique muscle, internal oblique muscle and/or the transversus abdominis muscle) and accentuate the pecs.


before & afters


CoolSculpting Pricing Considerations

  • CoolSculpting is priced per applicator placement or “treatment”
  • The size of your treatment area will determine how many placements of treatments are needed.
  • Whereas how much fat in the given treatment area will determine how many individual sessions of treatments may be needed.
  • Larger areas of the body require four to six treatments to cover the full area properly, like the abdomen. Whereas, CoolSculpting your arms may only require two treatments.
  • For greater fat reduction and body toning, two or more treatment sessions of CoolSculpting in the same target area are recommended.
View our menu of services to see the cost of CoolSculpting.
menu of services
The average cost of CoolSculpting is $3,200

Bundle & Save

3 Treatments
6 Treatments
9 Treatments
12 Treatments
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frequently asked questions

General COOLSCULPTING Questions

  • What Is CoolSculpting?

    Dubbed the “freezing liposuction”, CoolSculpting utilizes a cooling and sucking treatment that acts as a form of non-surgical liposuction by killing fat cells permanently and naturally. It can be used for inner and outer thigh fat removal, as an alternative to liposuction for belly fat, reducing love handles, and even body sculpting or “cool sculpturing” in small areas such as the bra bulge area, on the back and underneath the buttocks. Cool sculpting will cause apoptosis or death of approximately 20% of the total subcutaneous fat in the treated area for both men and women each treatment.

  • How Effective Is CoolSculpting?

    CoolSculpting effectiveness varies from person to person. The best results tend to be seen on the individual who is generally within 30 pounds of their ideal weight but has areas of excess fat. CoolSculpting has consistently delivered approximately 20% permanent fat reduction per treatment in any given area. More than one session may be required for patient satisfaction.

  • How Does CoolSculpting Work?

    CoolSculpting uses suction and cooling technology that freezes target areas, therefore killing fat cells underneath the skin. The lymph system then flushes out these dead cells. As the fat cells are removed from the body, the area where those fat cells were removed gets smaller and more contoured.

  • Is CoolSculpting Different Than Laser Liposuction?

    Absolutely! Although both treatments reduce and eliminate unwanted fat, CoolSculpting offers a completely non-invasive approach by utilizing a cooling form of liposuction. This means the technology freezes away the fat just below the skin using a vacuum to suck the fat up and cool it to the point of killing the fat cells. Your body will naturally excrete the dead fat cells over the course of 4 to 12 weeks. Laser liposuction, on the other hand, is almost opposite CoolSculpting as it is a minimally invasive procedure utilizing laser energy to super heat the fat cells and a suction device remove them immediately. The effectiveness of laser liposuction will also vary per person.

  • Is CoolSculpting Permanent?

    The results of CoolSculpting last for approximately 5 years. A good diet and exercise regime will help maintain optimal results for the longest period of time.

  • Will CoolSculpting Help Me Lose Weight?

    No, it is not a weight loss tool, and it is not meant for people who are trying to lose weight. Instead, it is for people who want support in sculpting parts of their body that is resistant to diet or exercise. CoolSculpting only works with the fat under the skin. To lose weight you must lose visceral fat – which is not touched during the CoolSculpting treatment.

  • How Many Inches Will CoolSculpting Help Me Lose?

    You will lose 20% of the treated fat with every CoolSculpting treatment.

  • Is CoolSculpting For Men Too?

    Definitely! Men use CoolSculpting to create the V shaped abdominal/torso muscles, build and accentuate wide, broad shoulders, shape a slender waist, sculpt the chest and the abs (i.e. the external oblique muscle, internal oblique muscle and/or the transversus abdominis muscle) and accentuate the pecs.

  • Why Should I Choose Denver Laser Solutions For My CoolSeulpting Treatments?

    If you want to get the best results, you have to go with a clinic and a clinician that is trained and experienced in getting them. In doing so, know this – CoolSculpting is both a fine art and a precise science. The art of CoolSculpting is in understanding how to contour each individual body to enhance its natural curvature. The science is understanding how to precisely and effectively use the advanced CoolSculpting technology to bring this natural curvature into an attractive and natural appearing reality.

    For these reasons, it is critical to work with the right CoolSculpting professional. Find someone who understands the art of curvature, but not the science, and the results could be your body appearing lumpy. Work with someone who understands the science, but not the art, and you might miss having that perfect appearance and curvature you want – and deserve.

    Also, at Denver Laser Solutions you can bundle our services and save. If you pay for three treatments up front you save 10%, six treatments and you save 20% and 9 treatments you will save 25%!

  • What Is The Average Cost Or Price Range For CoolSculpting? Can I Afford It?

    While doing our research to determine CoolSculpting costs we found that where you live plays a big role in determining the average fees. Demographically the average cost for CoolSculpting in Denver, Colorado is approximately $600-$750 for a small area and $1200-$1500 for a large area. Compare to CoolSculpting pricing in L.A where freezing away the fat costs $750-$900 per small area and $1500-$1800 per large area.

    Also, at Denver Laser Solutions you can bundle our services and save. If you pay for three treatments up front you save 10%, six treatments and you save 20% and 9 treatments you will save 25%!

I go to Denver Laser Solutions for Botox and laser hair removal and all the girls are amazing. I usually see Mara, she is so thorough and welcoming and makes me feel so comfortable. The last time I went, she did my Botox and it’s literally the BEST job I’ve ever had. I’m very picky with my face, and this is the only place I trust for my injectables. I recommend to all my friends and family.

Ariel T

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