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Remove, Correct, and Soften Wrinkles with botox

Why Should I Get Botox?



The only device FDA approved for the treatment of stretch marks.

Acne Scars


Progressively soften acne scars with 3-6 treatments alternated with chemical peels.



Old or new, surgical or wound healing all different types of scars can be treated.

What is Botox?

Injected into facial muscles, this neurotoxin will temporarily prevent contractions that allow our facial expressions to create wrinkles in the skin over time. By stopping the movement we prevent lines from etching deeper into the skin and begin to soften to ones that are already there.

Your Denver Laser Solutions skincare specialist will educate you on where those muscles are and discuss appropriate treatment options. Schedule regular Botox treatments to keep your skin wrinkle-free or do a one-time Botox treatment for a special occasion!

How Does Botox Work?

Botox itself is a neurotoxin, a substance that alters the message that is sent from the nerves to the muscles temporarily reducing the contractions of the muscle that cause wrinkles. Several tiny injections are administered directly into the muscle that causes lines and wrinkles.

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men botox

Botox For Men

Botox is not just for women! Men are now the fastest growing market for receiving botox procedures. A man’s face is different from a woman’s – a man wants to look masculine rather than feminine. It is advised that you visit a MedSpa that is experienced in treating men. Inexperienced estheticians use the same techniques for men and women. At Denver Laser Solutions for men, we concentrate on subtly smoothing the lines around eyes and between eye brows, and achieving a younger, less stressed result without looking like they had anything done.

the Botox experience

What to Expect During Botox Injection


Areas of concern are discussed with your provider. Number of units required along with the cost of Botox is confirmed.


Skin is cleansed and disinfected.


Your provider will ask you to contract and relax the muscles in the treatment area to indicate each injection site.


A slight pinching sensation is felt while the proper number of units of Botox is injected into each site.


These injection sites appear as little bee stings for up to a few hours post.


Spf is applied.

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Cost of Botox - Denver, Co 

View our menu of services to see the cost of chemical peel treatments.
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Your Free skincare consultation via Zoom, phone, or e-mail, with our estheticians will provide you with more than just a consultation, we’ll dive into a comprehensive skincare evaluation!

frequently asked questions
  • How long does Botox last?

    After injected Botox gradually takes effect until day 14 when you will realize the full result. Botox lasts for approximately four months at which time you would retreat to continue softening and preventing wrinkled skin. Schedule Botox appointments just three times per year for best results, (and pricing!)

  • How much does Botox cost?

    Botox is injected as a liquid, the cost is determined by how many units or milliliters (ml) are used. At Denver Laser Solutions, Botox is priced per unit and multiplied by exactly how many units are injected.

  • Am I a Botox candidate?

    Yes! Botox is the most widely used and studied drug on the market and is used for many medical indications. Cosmetically Botox is safe for everyone!

  • Will Botox help correct or prevent wrinkles?

    Botox will also correct deep static lines; however, it may take several injection treatments spaced 3-4 months apart for older, more etched-in lines and wrinkles to begin to fade. launch a business. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more. Or maybe you have a creative project to share with the world.

    Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

  • Once I start, do I have to keep doing Botox all the time?

    For correction of lines and wrinkles, it is recommended to continue Botox injection treatments on a regular basis, approximately every three to four months. Because the cell memory will always persist under the skin, static lines and wrinkles can return once you have discontinued Botox injections. Therefore laser and other skincare treatments are recommended along with Botox to actually stimulate and repair the collagen under the skin while reducing dynamic movement.

    However, some of our Denver clients use Botox as a one-time treatment for a special occasion!

  • What is a neurotoxin?

    Neurotoxins are a protein solution that when injected into a muscle to relax and prevent muscle contractions.

  • Are Botox, Dysport and Xemoin the same thing?

    Dysport, Xeomin and Botox are different brands of the same neurotoxin. Like the brand Kleenex, Botox is often used as a general term for all neurotoxins.

  • I don’t want the “frozen” look, is there a way to use Botox so know one else will know?

    Absolutely, Botox can be used in moderation to soften expression lines or more heavy-handedly to completely freeze the muscle. All of our Denver Botox clients have a different opinion as to what they prefer. You are an active participant in deciding what’s best for you. If it is your first time trying neurotoxin we recommend starting on the more conservative side as it is easier to add more Botox then to take it away.

  • Botox vs. Filler - What’s the difference?

    Botox, which is actually a brand-name, is a type of neuromodulator. Like its competitors Xeomin and Dysport, these products prevent the muscle from contracting, relaxing it and smoothing out the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

    Filler, on the other hand, is a substance injected under the skin to replace lost volume. Common name brands of fillers include Juvéderm, Juvéderm Voluma, Radiesse, and Belotero to name a few. Some fillers are designed to rebuild facial volume and structure where others treat moderate to severe etched in lines and wrinkles. A popular area where our downtown Denver Botox clients tend to notice a loss of volume first is in the nasal labial folds, those commissure lines around the mouth. However other areas such as upper lip lines, cheekbones, and the jawline can be treated.

  • I want to look good for a very special event, when should I do my Botox?

    Botox formulations are different for everyone. At Denver Laser Solutions our Denver Botox clients inject at least four weeks prior to a big event. Botox will gradually take effect over the course of one to two weeks, giving you the full effect at the two-week mark. A follow-up appointment should be made if it is your first time as to give us enough time to make any necessary tweaks. In addition, possible bruising is always a risk when inserting a needle into the skin and two to four weeks is plenty of time for a bruise to heal prior to a big event.

  • Could I be allergic to Botox?

    In very rare cases people are allergic to Botox. Allergy in the form of a rash, hives, and swelling, or the potential for the effects of Botox to spread to other areas and cause all over muscle weakness could occur. We encourage you to read through the important safety information. prior to your injections.

  • Is Botox safe?

    Because Botox is widely used for many other medical reasons, such as migraine headaches, uncontrolled blinking, cross eyes, excessive sweating, urinary incontinence, muscle spasms, bells palsy and more, it is very highly studied, purified and completely safe.

  • Is Botox poisonous?

    No, it is a highly purified molecule and a widely studied drug.

  • What is a unit of Botox?

    Botox is measured in units. Each area of the face requires a different amount of units of Botox depending upon how strong the muscle is. Because Botox is delivered as a powder on dry ice it is reconstituted into an injectable form by mixing it with saline. This new liquid formulation divides the Botox up into units of measurement and then can safely be injected into the muscle.

  • Is Botox used for lips?

    Unlike filler that is used in the lips to enhance their volume, Botox can be used around the upper and lower lip to reduce pursing, such as the motion you make to sip out of a straw or blow a whistle, therefore helping to soften and correct “smokers lines”.

  • Are there any side effects to Botox?

    There are not any major side effects. Pain, swelling or a bruise at the injection site may be noticed. Other than that two side effects that could happen are lid ptosis or brow ptosis. Brow ptosis can happen if the injection is administered too close to the eyebrow causing a “heavy” eyebrow. Lid ptosis is when the Botox migrates to the eyelid muscle causing it to droop. For the eyelid, a steroid eye drop can be given to correct the problem in two to four weeks.

I go to Denver Laser Solutions for Botox and laser hair removal and all the girls are amazing. I usually see Mara, she is so thorough and welcoming and makes me feel so comfortable. The last time I went, she did my Botox and it’s literally the BEST job I’ve ever had. I’m very picky with my face, and this is the only place I trust for my injectables. I recommend to all my friends and family.

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