August Specials - Show Your Glow!

Ultherapy Glow Treatment $750 (Orig $950)


By focusing ultrasound energy into the collagen and fat layers just below the surface of the skin, Ultherapy Glow treatment forces collagen and elastin production while stimulating blood flow to produce a radiant Hollywood glow to the skin!





$99 Micro Peel Face or Back (Orig $125)


Show your GLOW with this summer safe treatment that will gently remove dead skin cell build up with the use of a light chemical solution followed by a manual exfoliation using a diamond encrusted microdermabrasion wand. Your skin will feel and look it’s best!

Image Total Repair Cream $63 (Orig $74)
Anti-aging Body Cream $59 (Orig $70)


Use Image Skincare Total Repair Cream or your face and neck and Anti-aging Body Cream on your back, chest and arms at night to maintain exfoliate skin for a clear, natural Glow!




Instant $40 OFF Jeuveau


You get an instant $40 discount curtsy of Evolus with every injection of 20 units or more of Jeuveau every four months?  Jeuveau is the New Toxin on the market similar to Botox with a slightly different affect.