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MicroPeel - Denver, Co

This clinical skincare treatment combines a microdermabrasion treatment with our professional-grade level one or level two chemical peel for dual exfoliation. 

Why Get a MicroPeel?

Reduce Lines


Remove surface layers of dead skin to lessen the depth of lines and wrinkles or acne scars.

Reduce Acne


Microdermabrasion unclogs pores first, followed by the chemical peel which penetrates deeper to combat oil and acne causing bacteria.

Acne Scars


Commonly incorporated into Results Packages to assist and enhance LASER and IPL treatments.

The Science Behind A MicroPeel

Microdermabrasion physically exfoliates the skin, similar to a face scrub, whereas chemical peel chemically exfoliate the skin, similar to the use of a Retin-A or retinol cream. The purpose of performing both treatments together is to provide the benefits of each and achieve deeper exfoliation.

Who is a Good Candidate for MicroPeel?

MicroPeel treatments can be performed on all skin tones, but due to how aggressive the exfoliation is, it is best for people with medium to thick skin. MicroPeel is not recommended for people with cystic acne or rosacea and of course pregnant or nursing moms.


MicroPeels are ideal for clients that want to:
  • Improve skin texture H
  • ave smoother, firmer skin
  • Control acne breakouts
  • Refine pores
  • Diminish lines and wrinkles
  • Lighten dark spots
  • Reduce blotchiness
  • Brighten complexion

are good for

Deep Exfoliation
Brightening Skin
Photofacial Treatments
the micropeel process

What to Expect During a MicroPeel Treatment


A MicroPeel treatment will take 30 minutes.


Skin is cleansed thoroughly and then degreased with a prepping solution.


Microdermabrasion is typically performed first over the full treatment area.


A Level One chemical peel is applied to the treatment area directly after microdermabrasion.


While the peel is active it will cause your skin to flush and feel very warm. Skin may also feel itchy and tingly. These sensations subside soon after the peel is neutralized. 


SFP is applied.

Black Texture

Cost of MicroPeel - Denver,Co

Treatment areas:
MicroPeel option below can be performed on the face and neck, chest, back or hands.

  • MicroPeel

    This advanced resurfacing treatment combines both chemical and physical exfoliation to polish and brighten dull complexions.

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frequently asked questions
  • How to Prepare for a MicroPeel?

    • The use of skincare products that contain chemically exfoliating ingredients at home will better prepare your skin for treatment and assist in achieving results.
    • Discontinue exfoliating products for 3 days prior to treatment.
    • Avoid unprotected sun exposure before, during, and after treatment.
    • Plan for up to 7 days of flaky dry skin post treatment.
  • How to Care for Your Skin After MicroPeel

    • Do not wash your face. Keep the area dry until the following morning.
    • Discontinue exfoliating products for a minimum of 3 days or until the skin is fully healed.
    • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and apply nourishing products to assist the healing process.
    • Do not pick or pull at the peeling skin this can cause injury resulting in scarring.
    • Apply SPF 30+ before going outside as this treatment will make your skin more sensitive to the sun.
  • How Many MicroPeel Treatments do I Need?

    • 3-6 MicroPeel treatments are typically utilized in Results Packages alternated with IPL or LASER treatments for color correction or acne scar reduction.
    • One MicroPeel every 6-8 weeks is good maintenance for anyone.

I go to Denver Laser Solutions for Botox and laser hair removal and all the girls are amazing. I usually see Mara, she is so thorough and welcoming and makes me feel so comfortable. The last time I went, she did my Botox and it’s literally the BEST job I’ve ever had. I’m very picky with my face, and this is the only place I trust for my injectables. I recommend to all my friends and family.

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