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General Questions

What is CoolSculpting?

Dubbed the “freezing liposuction”, CoolSculpting utilizes a cooling and sucking treatment that acts as a form of non-surgical liposuction by killing fat cells permanently and naturally. It can be used for inner and outer thigh fat removal, as an alternative to liposuction for belly fat, reducing love handles, and even body sculpting or “cool sculpturing” in small areas such as the bra bulge area, on the back and underneath the buttocks. Cool sculpting will cause apoptosis or death of approximately 20% of the total subcutaneous fat in the treated area for both men and women each treatment.

How effective is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting effectiveness varies from person to person. The best results tend to be seen on the individual who is generally within 30 pounds of their ideal weight but has areas of excess fat. CoolSculpting has consistently delivered approximately 20% permanent fat reduction per treatment in any given area. More than one session may be required for patient satisfaction.

How does CoolSculpting work?

CoolSculpting uses suction and cooling technology that freezes target areas, therefore killing fat cells underneath the skin. The lymph system then flushes out these dead cells. As the fat cells are removed from the body, the area where those fat cells were removed gets smaller and more contoured.

Is CoolSculpting different than laser liposuction?

Absolutely! Although both treatments reduce and eliminate unwanted fat, CoolSculpting offers a completely non-invasive approach by utilizing a cooling form of liposuction. This means the technology freezes away the fat just below the skin using a vacuum to suck the fat up and cool it to the point of killing the fat cells. Your body will naturally excrete the dead fat cells over the course of 4 to 12 weeks. Laser liposuction, on the other hand, is almost opposite CoolSculpting as it is a minimally invasive procedure utilizing laser energy to super heat the fat cells and a suction device remove them immediately. The effectiveness of laser liposuction will also vary per person.

Is CoolSculpting permanent?

The results of CoolSculpting last for approximately 5 years. A good diet and exercise regime will help maintain optimal results for the longest period of time.

Will CoolSculpting help me lose weight?

No, it is not a weight loss tool, and it is not meant for people who are trying to lose weight. Instead, it is for people who want support in sculpting parts of their body that is resistant to diet or exercise. CoolSculpting only works with the fat under the skin. To lose weight you must lose visceral fat – which is not touched during the CoolSculpting treatment.

How many inches will CoolSculpting help me lose?

You will lose 20% of the treated fat with every CoolSculpting treatment.

Is CoolSculpting for men too?

Definitely! Men use CoolSculpting to create the V shaped abdominal/torso muscles, build and accentuate wide, broad shoulders, shape a slender waist, sculpt the chest and the abs (i.e. the external oblique muscle, internal oblique muscle and/or the transversus abdominis muscle) and accentuate the pecs.

Why should I choose Denver Laser Solutions for my CoolSculpting treatments?

If you want to get the best results, you have to go with a clinic and a clinician that is trained and experienced in getting them. In doing so, know this – CoolSculpting is both a fine art and a precise science.  The art of CoolSculpting is in understanding how to contour each individual body to enhance its natural curvature.  The science is understanding how to precisely and effectively use the advanced CoolSculpting technology to bring this natural curvature into an attractive and natural appearing reality.


For these reasons, it is critical to work with the right CoolSculpting professional. Find someone who understands the art of curvature, but not the science, and the results could be your body appearing lumpy. Work with someone who understands the science, but not the art, and you might miss having that perfect appearance and curvature you want – and deserve.


Also, at Denver Laser Solutions you can bundle our services and save. If you pay for three treatments up front you save 10%, six treatments and you save 20% and 9 treatments you will save 25%!

What is the average cost or price range for CoolSculpting? Can I afford it?

While doing our research to determine CoolSculpting costs we found that where you live plays a big role in determining the average fees. Demographically the average cost for CoolSculpting in Denver, Colorado is approximately $600-$750 for a small area and $1200-$1500 for a large area. Compare to CoolSculpting pricing in L.A where freezing away the fat costs $750-$900 per small area and $1500-$1800 per large area.


Also, at Denver Laser Solutions you can bundle our services and save. If you pay for three treatments up front you save 10%, six treatments and you save 20% and 9 treatments you will save 25%!

Process Questions

How many CoolSculpting treatments will I need?

It depends on the size and number of areas treated. With smaller areas or areas such as the chin, neck or elbow we often only need one or two treatments because the surface area is small. However, to accommodate larger areas such as the abdomen, several different hand pieces placements may be necessary, but still only one or two treatments in the particular area are suffice to produce optimal fat reduction. We often find our CoolSculpting patients’ need an average of three to nine total treatments.

How much time do I need to wait between CoolSculpting treatments?

For maximum results, our clients wait 60 days between treatments.

How many CoolSculpting treatments will I need?

The number of total CoolSculpting sessions will be dependent on the size of the area treated, the number of areas and the ultimate desired outcome. This can all be determined and planned for in the initial free consultation.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my CoolSculpting treatment?

Yes! You need to come in for a consultation so we understand the areas we are treating, and we have created a thorough treatment plan. Also, plan to wear loose comfortable clothes and bring a book, headphones or other entertainment to enjoy during your treatment. You could be a little sore the day after. Although there is no downtime associated with CoolSculpting, it is best not to plan a big event immediately after your treatment to ensure nothing interferes with planned activities.

How much downtime is associated with CoolSculpting?

There is almost no downtime with CoolSculpting. You could feel minimal swelling, soreness and tenderness, but you will likely be the only person who notices any change or difference.

How long will it be for me to see the effect?

To see the full effects of your CoolSculpting treatment will take 90 days for your lymph system to flush the dead cells but you will start to see initial results within 45 days or weeks and the full effect is obvious within 90 days.

What can I expect in my 60-day follow up appointment?

During the 60-day follow up appointment, you and your CoolSculpting clinician will look at before and after photos to see a side-by-side comparison of the results. You can then discuss if you want to treat any additional area or want additional sessions. If you want additional sessions, they can be performed on the same day as your 60-day follow up appointment.

Can we do treatments without waiting 60 days?

There are many CoolSculpting practitioners who will try to push people quickly through the process. At Denver Laser Solutions, our client’s satisfaction is our number one goal. Our experience and training has taught us that to get the desired result, we must first see the complete impact of the prior treatment – which takes approximately 60 days.

How soon after pregnancy can I have a CoolSculpting treatment?

You can have a CoolSculpting treatment after pregnancy as long as you are not breastfeeding and also have a written or verbal ok from your doctor. Video: How CoolSculpting help women post-pregnancy.

How soon after CoolSculpting can I exercise?

You can exercise within 48 hours of your CoolSculpting treatment.

Potential Risks and Side Effects Questions

Is CoolSculpting safe?

Yes, CoolSculpting is safe and FDA approved. During the treatment, you could get a hot spot where the cooling burns the skin. Although this is rare, if it were to happen we would stop the treatment, let the area heal, and then begin the process again. There can also be a little nerve damage, and as such it could take a little time, sometimes up to a month, to get feeling back in that area. Lastly, you can get numbness and a little soreness and/or pain immediately after the treatment.

Have there been any bad results from CoolSculpting?

There are many CoolSculpting reviews on the internet. According to RealSelf.com, 83% of members who experienced a CoolSculpting treatment said it was worth it! The CoolSculpting treatment exposes the subcutaneous fat to temperatures cold enough to cause death of the fat tissue without causing damage to overlaying skin. The inflammatory response produced may also cause slight skin tightening, fat reduction and smoother, less saggy skin. Results vary per person. However, negative CoolSculpting results or long-term side effects are rare.

What CoolSculpting side effects should I expect following my treatment?

Immediately following the treatment after taking off the cooling suction device the treated area resembles a stick of butter. This frozen fat requires a manual massage to smooth tissue back out and allow the body to start disposing of dead fat cells. The remainder of the day there is no pain involved, and you may go about your daily activities. It has been reported that approximately 24 hours after treatment you may experience pain in the treated area, bruising, swelling, bloating, tenderness to the touch, numbness, pinching or a pins and needles sensation. These side effects can last up one month but will subside.

Will my body get lumpy or does this cause fat cells to grow in other areas?

With the right CoolSculpting professional, it shouldn’t. However, this is why it is very important to use a highly trained clinician like those at Denver Laser Solutions. If a person does not have the right technical training or experience, the applicators could be used inappropriately, and it could cause areas of the body to look lumpy.

Does CoolSculpting hurt?

Thankfully the CoolSculpting technology has evolved so it does not suck the skin with the force it did previously. The uncomfortable portion of the treatment is typically about 10 minutes where it is very cold. To help alleviate the discomfort from the low temperatures, the cold cycles on and off, giving clients a break from it, and helping alleviate concerns about cooling the skin too much.

Treatment Area Questions

How many areas can you treat with CoolSculpting at once?

We work with our clients to first learn how many areas they want to treat and then create a personalized plan to meet their goals. Often, we treat more than one area of the body in a single appointment. For example, we would treat the belly and the thighs in the same visit. It is also important to balance client goals without overwhelming the body with too many treatments in one visit. Denver Laser Solutions works with our clients to determine the best treatment schedule for the best outcome

Will CoolSculpting get rid of my love handles?

CoolSculpting was designed specifically to target fat pockets on the body that are resistant to diet and exercise. Love handles are one of those areas that, no matter how many side crunches we do, they tend to still linger around. CoolSculpting for the love handles has been FDA cleared since 2010 with consistent results showing a 20% reduction of fat after one session in the treated area.

Does CoolSculpting help me get rid of a double chin?

Yes! In fact, CoolSculpting is the #1 treatment we use to get rid of the double chin. If clients want to fine tune CoolSculpting results, they sometimes use Kybella after their CoolSculpting treatments are complete.

Will CoolSculpting help me get rid of stomach fat?

Yes, just like love handles, the stomach area is one of the more popular areas we treat with CoolSculpting. We don’t look at just the front stomach area, but the entire circumference around the stomach to ensure maximum and natural results.

Can I use CoolSculpting to freeze fat off my thighs?

Yes! We use CoolSculpting to freeze fat off the entire circumference of the thigh including the inner thigh, outer thigh and what is called the banana roll, where the back of thigh meets the bum. And bonus – doing this can create the illusion of a butt lift!

Will CoolSculpting help me with loose skin under my arms?

Yes, CoolSculpting works extremely well to help people who are not happy with the loose skin under their arms.

Can CoolSculpting help me get rid of bra fat?

Absolutely! CoolSculpting can help sculpt your skin, so you do not have to worry about any extra fat being shown in the bra area.

What can CoolSculpting do to help me get rid of back fat?

CoolSculpting can get rid of back fat and any fat on the body as long as it is “pinchable”.

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