Take an aggressive approach with combating wrinkles, acne scars and melasma

with a TCA Chemical Peel

Trichloroacetic acid a.k.a TCA is the chemical peel solution that is most commonly used to correct the appearance of lines and wrinkles, provide assistance for acne scar reduction and significantly reduce the pigment of Melasma. 

The Story behind a TCA Chemical Peel 


TCA (trichloracetic acid) is a non-toxic chemical and has been used to perform skin peels for 20+ years. This solution is aggressive enough to cause significant skin peeling which slightly thins out the top layer of skin, in turn, softening acne pockmarks and stimulating a collagen production response, strengthen skin tissue and therefore improving lines and wrinkles. When specially compounded with chemical skin bleaching ingredients this peel can also improve the appearance of Melasma commonly referred to pregnancy mask due to the correlation of hormonal changes in the body during this time.

What is a TCA Chemical Peel used for?


  • Reduces brown and age spots
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Improves the texture of the skin
  • Improves melasma
  • Treats acne

TCA Peel Pricing

Price per Treatment


$ 195

Frequently Asked Questions for TCA Chemical Peels

What is a TCA Peel?

TCA is a strong synthetic chemical substance called trichloracetic acid that expedites exfoliation or shedding of dead skin cells. Unlike its sister level one and level two peels our Denver Laser Solutions TCA peel is a deeper penetrating and more aggressive peeling experience. The ability to safely peel away multiple layers of skin to expose fresh healthy tissue allows this stronger TCA peel to benefit clients with severe textural issues and prominent wrinkles.

What is TCA Peel Frosting?

TCA is a self-neutralizing peel that when applied interacts with the skin causing the very top layers to separate and lift. The frosting is the result of this interaction indicating to the esthetician that the peel solution has evenly affected all areas of the face. 

What is the TCA Peel recovery time?

Immediately following the application of your TCA peel you will feel a bit warm and tingly. This sensation will subside fairly quickly and for the following 24 hours you should not wash or add water-based products to the skin as the peel is still active for this amount of time.


Approximately 36-48 hours later your skin will begin to flake and peel starting with the t-zone and make it’s way outward in a wave for five to seven days until the full peeling process has been completed. While you may still go about your daily activities it is extremely important to nourish an heal the skin properly by applying nutrient-rich moisturizers and sunscreen liberally to the skin.

What do TCA Peel results look like?

TCA peel results are amazing! As mentioned prior, TCA peel benefits clients who have textural concerns such as lines and wrinkles, acne scars, even deep pigmentation issues which are why you will also see TCA peel recommended in our Melasma Treatment section as well. This peel results in exposing healthy “baby’s bottom” skin that will be smoother to the touch, more even in skin tone and ultimately stimulating the production of new collagen to reveal a more youthful appearance.

What are the TCA Peel post treatment instructions?

It is your job to protect your skin from the sun and add healing, nourishing ingredients for the following 7-14 days. As we are removing many protective layers of the skin to ultimately cause skin rejuvenation this process also causes your skin to be more sun sensitive allowing the chances for sunburn to increase. Overexposure to the sun will cause more damage and contradict the effect we are trying to achieve so for this reason you must be very cautious and reapply SPF ever two hours.


Just like any other wound proper wound healing steps should also be followed such as keeping the area moist by applying nutrient-rich creams to the skin morning and night. You will also be instructed to not pick or peel the skin on your own as this can result in peeling healthy tissue which can lead to scaring of the skin.

Can a TCA Peel be used for Acne Scars?

TCA peels are a great tool for any type of skin texture concerns, for this reason, they play a huge role in our service offerings to help with age-related concerns, acne scarring, and melasma. TCA for acne scaring helps to thin the skin lessening the depth of ice pick scars and allowing our laser energy to penetrate at a more productive level.

Can I do a TCA Peel at home?

There are many anti-aging skin care products that contain the same or similar ingredients that are in a professional chemical peel. These at-home skin care products are recommended on a nightly basis so that when you do come in the office for a more aggressive treatment your skin will have acclimated to these types of exfoliates and therefore will tolerate in office peeling, and also recover more easily from them.


Professional peels are not recommended for the average person because each peel incorporates different chemical ingredients that are to be used and applied to the skin in different ways. Unless you are either a licensed cosmetologist, esthetician or medical professional then please save yourself the risk of damaging your skin and make an appointment with a reputable skincare professional.

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