Tips For Treating And Preventing Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are an unsightly part of nearly everyone’s life. And more than 90% of women and 50% of men are plagued by them! Unfortunately, the likelihood of getting stretch marks is genetically predetermined, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept them. Below is information on how we get stretch marks, the most trusted stretch mark treatments and details on the best stretch mark cream.  


How We Get Stretch Marks

To understand stretch marks and what you can do prevent them, it’s best to understand why stretch marks happen in the first place. Stretch marks, also known as straie or straie distensae, are scar tissue in the dermis. The dermis is the “living layer” of our skin, made up of different types of specialized cells organized in a basket weave fashion. When these different cells work together, they are responsible for giving skin its plumpness and elasticity. When rapid growth occurs (whether from puberty, weight gain, rapid muscle gain, pregnancy, or even certain medical conditions), the dermis gets stretched to its limit and tears. To heal as quickly as possible, the cells switch to only creating collagen to fill in the rapid growth – and this ultimately results in stretch marks.  

How To Prevent Stretch Marks

For most people, getting stretch marks is inevitable. Applying cocoa butter can help prevent stretch marks and so does staying hydrated. However, there is a much better option for stretch mark prevention – increasing blood flow. Blood is the food source for our skin and stimulates cellular production and thereby making the skin more receptive to stretching. Exfoliation and massage are the best ways of increasing blood flow to a localized area. Supporting these treatments with products that contain rosemary essential oil, which stimulates the lymphatic system and is good for detoxification is also beneficial. Yonka’s Phyto 152 contains rosemary extract and is great for firming while Yon-ka Huile Corps is great for hydrating the body and keeping skin supple soft.   

A Two-Pronged Approach For Stretch Mark Removal Treatment

laser stretch mark removal + customized stretch mark removal cream

At Denver Laser Solutions we have performed hundreds of stretch mark removal treatments. Through this extensive experience we have developed a two-pronged approach for stretch mark removal: non-ablative fractional laser treatments combined with a customized retinol and skin lightening blended cream. Our fractional non-ablative laser creates micro injuries to the skin. This in turn stimulates the cell renewal process in a controlled way and breaks up the scar tissue to blend into the surrounding skin. While we can never get stretch marks to completely disappear, we can reduce the size, color, and texture in 3 – 6 treatments spaced approximately 4-6 weeks apart. Retinol has the ability to tell the body to create new skin cells at a faster rate therefore studies have been show that the use of retin-a or retinol alone will improve the appearance of stretch marks by creating new healthy skin cells. Combining it with a lightening cream is great for those people with a bit of discoloration for the stretch marks themselves. Get a Complimentary Consultation to Learn the Best Stretch Mark Treatment Plan for You! As with any type of stretch marks or scars that we treat, we highly recommend scheduling a complimentary consultation to create a treatment plan, customized to your own needs. To schedule your complimentary consultation, contact us at 303-807-4333 or book an appointment online now. Learn more about stretch mark treatment on our website, click here.


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