The Best Treatments For Stretch Marks, Acne Scarring And Lines And Wrinkles:

Microneedling Vs Fractional Laser Treatments

Stretch Marks, acne scaring, lines and wrinkles

Many medical spas have introduced Microneedling (aka dermal needling, dermal rolling or collagen induction therapy) on their menu of services alongside Fractional Laser Treatments for reducing stretch marks, acne scarring, wrinkles and lines. There are many types of Microneedling and Fractional Laser Treatments on the market. To help you understand the best option for you, we discuss the similarities and differences between both treatments, as well as, the treatment we recommend for stretch marks, scars, wrinkles and lines.

Similarities Between Microneedling and Fractional Laser Treatments

  1. Both create a wound in the skin that triggers a natural healing process.
  2. Both use “dot therapy” which treats only a portion of the affected area to allow the surrounding tissue to support the healing process.
  3. With both treatments, a topical numbing cream and 400-600 mg of Ibuprofen are recommended 45 minutes before the procedure.
  4. Both require 3 or more treatments for best results.
  5. Both can be used to treat stretch marks, acne scars, lines and wrinkles.
Fractional laser

Differences Between Microneedling and Fractional Laser Treatments

  1. Microneedling uses precision needles to tap into the skin at various depths. This process creates uniform micro-channels around healthy skin tissue.
  2. Fractional Laser Treatments push tiny laser beams into the skin at a controlled depth. These laser beams are attracted to the water in the skin and the energy from the heating of this water causes tissue coagulation.
  3. Because no heat is induce into the skin with microneedling it can be combined with a light chemical peel or microdermabrasion at the same time of treatment which assists with exfoliation and product penetration.
  4. There is no downtime with Microneedling. Fractional Laser treatments requires 3 to 7 days of downtime
  5. Micro Needling is more budget friendly than Fractional Laser Treatments.Fractional laser (1)
  6. Fractional Laser Treatments are better and more comfortable in the treatment of stretch marks in comparison to Microneedling.
  7. Fractional Laser Treatments are more aggressive and are used to target and correct more severe wrinkles and acne scars. Microneedling is typically used for less severe acne scars, for clients with no time for downtime and/or for people on a tighter budget.
  8. Fractional Laser Treatments are typically used for deeper wrinkles whereas Microneedling is recommended for finer lines and skin rejuvenation.

The Best Treatment for Stretch Mark Removal

(Microneedling vs Fractional Laser Treatments)

The 1540 wavelength fractional laser used at Denver Laser Solutions is the only laser approved by the FDA for the treatment of stretch marks. At Denver Laser Solutions, we have tried both Microneedling and Fractional Laser Treatments for stretch marks. What we found, and our clients agree, is that Fractional Laser Treatments are more comfortable and produce more significant results compared to Microneedling. As Fractional Laser Treatments create heat, it allows for more tissue tightening and as such, a more significant reduction in the size of stretch marks. For best results, we recommend 3 to 6 Fractional Laser Treatments. The one disadvantage of a Fractional Laser Treatment vs Microneedling is because it does produce heat there is a risk of it causing a tan in the skin that may take a few months to fade. To prevent this and to help with overall results, prior to treatment a prescriptions grade retin-a and hydroquinone cream is given and to be used at least two weeks prior to starting treatment.

The Best Acne Scar Treatment

(Microneedling vs Fractional Laser Treatments)

Whether we use Microneedling or Fractional Laser Treatments is dependent on the severity of the acne scars and the budget of our clients. For less severe acne scarring, for clients without the ability to have downtime and/or for clients on a tighter budget, we tend to lean towards Microneedling. Microneedling also allows us to incorporate a light chemical peel at the same time of the treatment to enhance the process. We typically use Fractional Laser Treatments for deeper acne scars. For the most aggressive results, we recommend alternating Fractional Laser Treatment with TCA Chemical Peel each spaced two weeks apart.

The Best Wrinkle and Line Treatment

(Microneedling vs Fractional Laser Treatments)

Whether we use Microneedling or Fractional Laser Treatments for wrinkles and lines is dependent on a few different things. For clients looking to specifically target deep lines and wrinkles such as those around the eyes or mouth we lean towards using Fractional Laser Treatments. We choose this treatment because the laser helps lessen the depth of wrinkles more quickly and efficiently. We recommend a series of 3 treatments for best results. For for preventative measures, overall skin rejuvenation and improvement of texture and fine lines, we tend to recommend Microneedling. Microneedling requires no downtime and significant improvements will be noticed with a series of three to six treatments spaced two to four weeks apart. Ready to say goodbye to your stretch marks, acne scars or wrinkles and lines? Book an appointment online today!


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