Scar and Stretch Mark Reduction

We all have imperfections on our bodies that make us self-conscious.

Scars and stretch marks do not have to be one of them! Multiple technologies including scar revision creams, intense pulsed light, fractional laser, and dermal needling all assist in the reduction and correction of both scars and stretch marks. Wipe the slate clean and find out how to turn back the hands of time with these popular new laser treatments at Denver Laser Solutions.

Get Rid of Scars Fast

Give your Skin its Bounce Back

Scar Revision

Old and new scars are diminished quickly and easily. We have help clients eliminate the signs of surgical scars from tummy tucks, breast implants, breast reduction and liposuction. We have also treated road rash, scars on the shins from box jumps at the gym, accident scars and others. Approximately three to six sessions will diminish small and large scars that are dark, red in color, raised or indented in the skin.

Stretch Mark Reduction

Although we can not completely remove your stretch marks we can make them much less noticeable. By inducing the elastic fibers in the skin we can shrink the length and width of stretch marks on all areas of the body.

Fractional laser