Lip Filler Injections: 5 Things To Know

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As medical skin care professional it’s important to experience what my clients do. As fuller lips and lip injections continue to grow in popularity, I decided to give them a try. I had an idea of what to expect, but as I went through the process, these were the top 5 things I learned with my own personal lip injections experience.


Lip Fillers Injections Hurt Much Less Than What I was Expectingjuliette lips

When you think of a needle getting injected anywhere into the skin your first thought is “ouch” and particularly so in the lip area. The good news is, the prescription grade numbing cream applied 20 minutes prior to the lip filler treatment helps ease the pain. My lips were so numb, I barely felt the needle. I was surprisingly calm and comfortable throughout the entire process!


It Takes Time to Heal from Lip Injections

You will see the swelling and the plumpness immediately after your lip filler treatment. How full your lips are after treatment is a pretty accurate depiction of how your lips will look once all the side effects subside. For about two weeks after you will have lumps, bumps, bruises and swelling. To get through it, remind yourself the best is yet to come! Even as a skin care professional, I was on the roller coaster of emotions and doubt after my lip injections. I had to remind myself that it’s normal to feel that way after augmenting something on your face. Needless to say, once my lips were fully healed, they felt smooth and back to normal. The result was just as I intended to be – they were more full and voluminous.


You go Through Exponentially More Lip Product

Keeping your lips hydrated is important after your lip filler injections. Hyaluronic acid, the substance filler is made from, draws in water which means your lips have the chance to become more easily chapped and peely. To help prevent this, you need to stay hydrated. Image Ronert MD Lip Balm was heaven to me after my lip fillers. It is specifically designed to soothe lips post-treatment. It also has SPF in it to prevent UV lip damage. Part of using more lip product than usual is the fact that you have more of a sexy pout to show off so, you’re going want to add some pizazz. Red lips are more fun to play with more than ever before (and it also helps hide any bruising).


People Won’t be Able to Place What is Different

It’s human nature to hide the little tweaks we do to ourselves because we want people to think we “woke up like this”, but the truth is a majority of millennials are opting for non-surgical procedures to enhance their appearance. While some of us are denying being plastic positive, there are others out trying to get the world to notice! If you don’t get anyone pointing out that you plumped your pout, don’t be discouraged. We get elective treatments to make ourselves feel confident and as long as you are in love with your luscious lips – that’s all that matters right?


It Was a Good Experience

Overall the experience of getting my lips injected was surprisingly pleasant. The worst part was the three to four-day period after the treatment when my lips were dry and tender, and the best part is approximately two weeks later when my lips were back to themselves but with a luscious plump! I had one syringe of Juvederm injected, and to be honest, I actually really like the results a lot. The lip fillers will last up to almost a year, but I plan to get them reinjected in about nine months to keep them looking this way! Are you ready for some more luscious lips? Call us at 303.807.4333 or book an appointment online now.


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