Are you a Candidate

for CoolSculpting?

To ensure our Denver CoolSculpting clients have the best results, during the initial consultation we want to make sure you are a good candidate for the treatment.


Qualities of a Good CoolSculpting Candidate:

– Active and fit, but has fat areas of the body diet and exercise will not fix

– Looking for additional support in having their body shaped and the natural curvature beautifully restored

– Considering liposuction or liposculpture, but wants a treatment that is less invasive, costly, risky and downtime

– Has pinchable fat between the chin and knees

– Needs a highly trained clinician who understands the art of body contouring, while being fluent in the intricacies and science of CoolSculpting technology

– Wants to feel more confident in their own skin and better about themselves


is NOT for you if:

Using to Lose Weight

CoolSculpting is a treatment that helps shape the body, but it will not assist you in losing weight.

Have a BMI of 30+

If this is you, our in-house health professionals can help you lose weight and get to a BMI where CoolSculpting can be successful for you.


for Women & Men

For Women, CoolSculpting Helps:

– Remove bra fat

– Shape the hips

– Eliminate back fat

– Slim the thighs

– Shape a small waist

– Gives a flat stomach

– Give an inner thigh gap

– Provides a natural feminine curve

– Accentuate abdominal muscles

– Help get pre-pregnancy bodies back

– Sculpt out curves you want

– Remove the curves you don’t

Men Trust CoolSculpting for:

– Sculpt the chest

– Shape a slender waist

– Accentuate the pecs

– Create the “V” aka a highly defined abdominal muscle

– Create the appearance of wide, broad shoulders

– Sculpt the abs

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