The Perfect Solution for Acne

The Balancing Facial

The Denver Laser Solutions Balancing Facial is specifically created for our clients who want to correct and heal acne. Often individuals with acne can either strip their skin from improper washing and cause it to become unbalanced, or are not on a proper skin care plan and as such, they produce too much oil. This facial is the perfect treatment to restore a healthy balance back into faces, calm oil production and help Denver clients clear and heal acne.

Balancing Facial Pricing

Price per Treatment

60 Minute Facial

$ 85

Mix, Match & Save

we recommend consulting with your esthetician on an acne results package customized to your needs - 10% off when you purchase 3 treatments and 20% off for 6 prepaid treatments

Frequently Asked Questions for Acne Treating Facials

What is a balancing facial?

A facial that helps balance oil secretion in the skin that can help correct acne.

Do acne facials hurt?

We do extractions in this process so it can be sensitive for some people. It does not include our signature massage so it is not as luxurious as some of our massages but it is corrective.

How long do results last?

3 – 4 weeks

What should I expect after my acne treating facial?

There could be a bit of redness because of the extraction process.

How many treatments will I need?

If acne is due to an environmental factor it could be one or two treatments. If it is hereditary then we will include the balancing facial as part of the skin care plan.

What if I have cystic acne?

We recommend health care professionals that can better assist you.

Are there any side effects?

There can be a little redness because of the extractions. This facial can also come with a purging effect that brings other things to the surface.