Dermal Needling – Great for All Skin types

Dermal Needling

Dermal Needling Great for All Skin Types

By Rene Sacchitella

            With the addition of the Dermapen, Denver Laser Solutions has added more dermal needling sessions to treat a wider variety of areas. The Dermapen has the ability to ensure precision and depth to create a more effective, comfortable treatment. I have finally had my first dermal needling session recently and I am amazed with the results. Being experienced with fractional laser, chemical peels and other medical spa services, to me, dermal needling is something I would definitely add to my regimen of services for the capability to treat many levels of my skins problem areas and still with the added bonus being able to participate in my social life. So what is Dermal Needling exactly?    

            Dermal Needling is a treatment with a precise instrument filled with slim needles that create micro punctures to open conduits on the surface of the skin without damage. These channels that are created through this perforation to run into the dermas to help the cells receive essential nutrients to function as optimal efficiency. This process is also commonly known as the “collagen induction process”. This process produces a number benefits like: stimulating collagen, restoring skin elasticity, soften fines lines and wrinkles, reduces the appearance of scarring, reduces pigmentation, and improves the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients from your topical skin care regimen. Not only is the versatility of this treatment surprising but dermal needling has the ability to treat a variety of skin types as well.

            While fractional laser treatments are effective on the majority of skin types, dermal needling is actually a beneficial treatment for to all skin types including sensitive skin. Since dermal needling is a physical perforation of the skin without heat or chemicals, little recovery time. The aftercare is minor and there is no interruption in your social life. For aftercare, you would want to avoid sun exposure and application of makeup for 24 hours and make sure you are using a proper sunscreen. It is also recommended that after treatment you refrain from exfoliation for one week while nurturing your skin with hydrating products to ensure the healing process. You can also take arnica supplements to help with the inflammation of the skin.

            Like effective skincare treatments, the session isn’t the most relaxing but, the sensation is very tolerable. Those familiar with getting tattoos, the feeling of a dermal needling treatment is comparable but less intense. Refreshingly, the sensation can be dulled by numbing cream so it’s even more comfortable than any tattoo with ever be.  For the next day after treatment I was able to put makeup on and I was barely able to tell that I had a dermal needling except for the fact that my skin was uncharacteristically dry and slightly red.  Similar to a mild sunburn. After the first couple of days, my skin was clear, glowing and my scars kept improving over the course of 6 weeks.

            At Denver Laser Solutions, it recommended to at least commit to three dermal needling sessions for maximum results. A perfect compliment to dermal needling would be a hydrating facial with a red LED upgrade to promote healing in between your dermal needling services. The hydrating facial is going to quench the dermas to reduce inflammation while the red LED light it going to keep your cells functioning at peak performance during the collagen rebuilding process. You can create a customizable package that reflects these recommendations by calling 303.578.3809 or purchasing online.

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